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Caregiver Resources

Maybe you landed on this page through Instagram...maybe through clicking around on the CK website. 

Either way, we're happy you're here! 



The internet is a busy place full of information!  I've highlighted a few interesting reads below. Please feel free to browse through the links below for tips/resources to support caregiver-child interaction.

I'm more than happy to discuss any of these articles during sessions!

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from the Hanen Centre:

Using Curiosity to Encourage Communication Skills

By Lauren Lowry, Hanen Certified SLP 

This article explores the importance of embedding curiosity into caregiver-child interactions.  Follow this link to the Hanen Site to read interaction tips.

from The Informed SLP:

Do this, not that!  Play therapy edition

By Liz Watson, SLP 

This article discusses findings from a recent study of preschool children with language difficulties.  The authors found that child-led play saw positive outcomes on the children's language.  This pilot study lends support to child-led play in therapy sessions to promote a child's language.

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